Technology is benefiting law firms in order to be more effective

Technology is benefiting law firms in order to be more effective

Current technology is adding massive benefits to law firms, enabling them to be more effective than ever before, increasing turnaround time dramatically and allowing clients to access their own files in real time.

At Bekker Attorneys, we have introduced software whereby each client receives their own unique login name and password, which in turn allows them to access all the documentation that we have on file for them at any time they choose to access it. Previously, requests for these files had to be logged and could take up to a couple of days before it was made available. So currently, this not only leads to far less frustration from clients, but also frees up valuable time for the attorneys to use the hours available to them to continue working on cases and getting results, instead of having to deal with administration issues and delays.

For us as attorneys, it also allows us to access these files remotely wherever we are. Should a client have any enquiries, we are able to access their files and respond in real time to any urgent matters relating to their cases. In effect, we could be anywhere in the world and have the keys available to our virtual office.

As the software further enables us to save every single email or other correspondence to and from a client to their virtual file, no information is ever lost. Furthermore, the software prompts us towards whether any billable time should be allocated to such correspondence with or on behalf or our clients.

Although one might question whether a law firm is losing any money due to the fact that they do not have to interact with a client as frequently, due to the ease of access that the technology provides, the exact opposite is true. It frees up attorneys to take on more work and be far more effective in getting results for clients.

We are currently finding that a small conservative group of clients is still hesitant in relying on the technology, but a majority of clients, especially those located in other cities, are very satisfied that they have the ability to access their files without any time delays.

Other advantages that we are experiencing include keeping track of billable hours, effective control of our diaries (including reminders) and then of course dealing with happy clients – as they not only experience no delays on information required, but we have far more time to get them the results that they desire.

At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for both attorneys and clients. And the exciting part – this is only the beginning.